Monday, June 05, 2006

Welcome to the relaunching of the Hot Hand in Sports website. After somewhat over four years with the old look, I thought something new was in order. This new format should also provide several advantages over the old one:

*The URL is now much simpler (be sure to notice, however, that it's; "hothand" without the "the" will lead to another, unrelated site).

*Readers can now comment on my entries (I've put in some steps, however, in an attempt to prevent spam).

*Over the years, my write-ups have been shifting away from long, detailed analytic pieces to brief summaries, always with a link to an article about the sports performance in question, and sometimes with statistical analyses of my own. The format on this new hosting site should fit well with my trend toward succinctness.

Another nice thing is that Blogspot has now made it much easier than before to post visual images. Though perhaps not as frequently as before, I still occasionally may want to post charts, graphs, and the like.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be inserting links on this new page, attempting to preserve as much of the information on the old page as possible. If there's something on the old page that you don't see here, please don't hesitate to inquire by e-mail (via the link to my faculty webpage in the upper-right portion of the page).


One recent, substantive hot streak that I wanted to mention is that the Angels' Vladimir Guerrero got a hit in all three late-May games against the Texas Rangers, meaning that he has now gotten at least one hit in all 42 games he's ever played against them. To quote the headline I came up with and was using on my old site, "Texas Can't Be Glad to See Vlad." The teams now don't play each other again until August.


Anonymous said...

The website looks great, Dr. Reifman!

Christopher said...

Please allow me to communicate with someone interested in World Cup Soccer streaks.
Thank you
Christopher Cottier