Friday, March 23, 2007

In tonight's NCAA men's action, Southern Cal and North Carolina traded big runs, with the Tar Heels coming out on top, 74-64, to advance to the Elite Eight (play-by-play sheet). USC outscored Carolina 15-0, expanding a 34-33 lead to 49-33 in a stretch that carried over from the first half into the second. A bit later, however, the Tar Heels one-upped the Trojans (or in this case, three-upped them) by staging an 18-0 spurt that transformed a 59-49 deficit into a 67-59 lead.

A similar scenario unfolded Thursday night in Ohio State's come-from-behind victory over Tennessee. I am preparing an elaborate graphical display of the Volunteers' shooting performance, which I should have up in the next few days.

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