Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Roland Beech of the website 82games.com, which specializes in statistical analyses of NBA data, recently invited me to create an NBA version of my new graphic hot-hand diagram (click here for some background).

When I think of potential hot-hand shooters in the NBA, the list begins and ends with one name, Kobe Bryant. I therefore decided to create a graph for Bryant's 81-point game against Toronto last season. Also, at Roland's suggestion, I found a way to incorporate free throws.

I am honored to find out today that my Bryant chart is the current "Top Story" on 82games, as shown below.

Take a look, by clicking on 82games.com.

I'm sure I speak for the entire sports statistics community in extending our thoughts and condolences to everyone at Virginia Tech and their families. The school has created a special website for information related to the tragedy.

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Jacob Rosen said...

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