Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A couple of quick items:

Monday night, the Phoenix Suns shot 20-of-31 (.645) on three-pointers in a 137-115 victory over Denver. I can't recall a team shooting that high of a percentage on so many attempts from behind the arc.


After Texas Tech's come-from-behind win over the University of Texas-El Paso last Saturday afternoon, Red Raider Coach Bob Knight created a stir by bringing his 21-month-old grandson to the press conference, yet not refraining from his trademark salty language.

Overshadowed by the spectacle was an apparent expression by Knight of his skepticism regarding game-to-game momentum -- at least for his current team. Quoting from the linked document:

...when a reporter asked Knight whether the game would give his team momentum, Knight responded, "Who knows? I don't know any of that stuff..."

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