Monday, March 03, 2008

The National Hockey League's Washington Capitals outscored the Boston Bruins 6-0 in the first period tonight, with the Caps' Alexander Ovechkin getting a hat trick (three goals) in the period. Washington won the game, 10-2.


After Texas Tech's John Roberson hit two straight three-pointers to cut Kansas's big early lead to 30-22, Jayhawk Coach Bill Self called a 30-second time-out. Whatever he said to the team worked, as KU went on a 34-5 spurt to lead 64-27. The final score of tonight's "Big Monday" match-up was 109-51, Jayhawks (play-by-play sheet).


Addendum: Monday night's Dallas-Utah NBA game also had a number of streak-relevant aspects, which I failed to write about at the time (a guy can only follow so many games!). Quoting from the article:

The Jazz scored 16 straight points late in the fourth quarter in a 116-110 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night, coming back after blowing a 21-point lead.

Utah made all 18 free throws in the fourth quarter...

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