Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The New York Times has an article on how the famed Manchester United soccer team of the English Premier League is undefeated through 24 matches with "15 victories, 0 defeats and 9 ties." Though the large number of ties might call into question the team's overall dominance, going unbeaten in the EPL -- even with tie games -- has been very rare historically. According to the article:

...the Red Devils are seeking to become only the third top-flight English team to finish undefeated since the Football League was established for the 1888-89 season. It is now widely considered the world’s most competitive soccer league. Preston North End built an 18-0-4 record that inaugural 19th-century season and Arsenal finished 26-0-12 in 2003-4 with a team known as the Invincibles.

Man-U's schedule and results page from its official website is available here, for those wishing to follow the team's progress.

UPDATE: Manchester United suffered its first loss of the season, 2-1, on Saturday, in a major upset to Wolverhampton.

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Basil said...

Definitely this doesn't show dominance. Soccer is a low scoring game as it is. The probability of a tie is much larger.