Monday, June 13, 2011

In their NBA title-clinching, Game 6 win over the Miami Heat last night, the Dallas Mavericks put on their usual flurry of scoring spurts (play-by-play sheet). Most dramatic was a Mavs' 17-2 run, which took them from trailing 22-15 to leading  32-24 near the end of the first quarter.

Dallas's DeShawn Stevenson, whose three-pointer put an exclamation point on the 17-2 run with 0:24 remaining in the first quarter, hit a pair of additional threes shortly thereafter, with 10:06 and 9:41 left in the second quarter, increasing the Mavericks' lead to 40-28. The Heat responded with a 16-1 spurt of their own (the Mavs' only point coming on a technical-foul free throw), to go up 44-41.

Miami had little firepower the rest of the way, enabling Dallas to use more modest-sized runs -- 7-0 (from down 49-46 to up 53-49), 8-0 (from down 56-55 to up 63-56), and 8-0 (to expand an 81-77 lead to 89-77) -- to pull away.

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