Sunday, April 15, 2012

U of Houston's Inning Hit Streak

This past weekend, the University of Houston baseball team played at Texas Tech. The Cougars lost all three games -- and if not for a rally Sunday to force extra innings, all three losses would have been blowouts. Still, however, UH recorded an unusual offensive accomplishment, of which Tech radio announcers Robert Giovanetti and Mike Gustafson kept listeners informed. Namely, from the sixth inning of Friday's opener to the fourth inning of Sunday's finale, the Cougars recorded at least one hit for 17 straight innings. Below, I've illustrated the streak with red shading based on play-by-play sheets for Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's games.

I have no idea whether Houston's streak is a record of any kind. Still, getting hits in 17 straight innings and scoring only four runs during these innings seems pretty rare!

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Chris Cabanski said...

It would be interesting to look at past games to see how many innings UH gets at least one hit. They seem to be racking up hits, so if they are a great offensive team, this may not be very unlikely, at least statistically. I also wonder if the coach's lineup decisions played any part in this (spread out the best hitters rather than put them all at the top of the order).