Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The NBA finals are over, and the Boston Celtics have defeated the L.A. Lakers four games to two. If nothing else, this past postseason has shown us that both of these teams were capable of going on -- or giving up -- huge scoring runs. Below is a list of scoring runs achieved and allowed by the Celtics and Lakers (that I was aware of) during the various rounds of this year's playoffs...

Celtics vs. Lakers (NBA finals)

Game 6: Boston closes out second quarter on 26-6 run

Game 5: L.A. goes up 17 after first quarter, but only leads by three at halftime

Game 4: Boston overcomes 24-point deficit to win

Game 2: L.A. cuts late 24-point deficit to two

Celtics vs. Pistons (Eastern Conference finals)

Game 6: Boston uses 19-4 spurt to oust Detroit

Celtics vs. Cavaliers (Eastern Conference semi-finals)

Game 6: Cleveland's 24-2 run helps force Game 7

Game 3: Cleveland wins, helped by 27-4 run

Lakers vs. Spurs (Eastern Conference semi-finals)

Game 5: Comeback from 17 down powers L.A. to series win

Game 1: L.A. overcomes 20-point deficit to win

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Izzy said...

The Lakers got straight up outplayed by the Celtics. It will be an interesting offseason as other teams will be making moves to keep up and compete with both teams. We are doing a series on evaluating teams and their offseason moves at: