Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Major League Baseball Updates

The L.A. Dodgers' hot streak has continued (see posting immediately below the current one). With their 3-2 win last night at St. Louis, the Dodgers are now 32-7 over their last 39 games. Further, the Dodgers have won their last 15 road games, one of the longest such streaks of all time. The record for consecutive road wins within a single season is 17, shared by the 1984 Tigers and 1916 Giants.

The other team featured in my previous posting, the Tampa Bay Rays, have also remained hot, albeit a little less so than the Dodgers. The Rays are 6-3 since the last posting, making them 25-6 from June 29 onward.


Also, in my previous posting, I wrote with reference to the National League West around the time the Dodgers began making their climb: "I don't know how many previous instances there have been within a division of all or most of the teams concurrently winning or losing 80% (or more) of their last 10 games, but I suspect it's pretty rare."

Well, maybe it's not as rare as I imagined. Just recently, after play on August 4, in the American League Central, here's how the teams stood after their respective last 10 games: Detroit 9-1, Cleveland 9-1, Kansas City 9-1, Minnesota 5-5, and Chicago White Sox 0-10.


From July 26-August 2, Atlanta Braves third-baseman Chris Johnson maintained a streak of getting multiple hits in each of eight straight games. Johnson was far from the record, which is 15 straight multi-hit games, but eight straight is still pretty impressive.

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