Friday, August 09, 2013

Rarity of Braves' and Tigers' Concurrent Winning Streaks

Currently, the Atlanta Braves have won 13 straight games and the Detroit Tigers, 12 straight. Thanks to messages from Madison McEntire and Everett Cope on the SABR-L listserv, I learned of the rarity of two teams simultaneously having winning streaks of 12 games or longer. Quoting from this AP/Yahoo Sports article on the Tigers' win last night:

Coupled with a 13-game winning streak by idle Atlanta, this marks the first time in major league history that two teams have had winning streaks of at least 12 games at the same time during a season since May 16, 1884, STATS said. That was the only other time it occurred - the St. Louis Maroons had won 15 straight, the New York Gothams had taken 12 in a row.

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